In a relationship, we claim to love all the time. On every instance, every little thing. We are happy because we love. We are sad because we love. We get hurt because we love. We get ecstatic because we love. We expect because we love. Love. Love. Love. Though it is true on so many levels, but it is also what screws us up.

Last night, I had a fight with my husband and I didn’t let him sleep till after, midnight, when I was alright. From my perspective, I loved him therefore, I was hurt, and he had to clean up his mess. But where I went wrong was that love, is all about putting the other person above you. It’s not about expectations and consumption. Love is about giving. I tell him in every fight that he doesn’t know what it takes to love someone, but what I realized in the past few days was, that he’s the one who puts my needs above him. There’s not a thing he won’t do to make me happy, but he just won’t state it. I may express more, by shouting it out to the world, how much he means to me, but his actions create a simple abode which my words fail to create. A magical tune, which sings through my soul. A simple touch, which shakes my core. He amazes and frightens me at the same time, because when I look at him, I see a part of me and all our demons sync well with one another.

Maybe one day, we’ll learn, that people are meant to be cherished only, in every state, and to accept them, is their fundamental right.

Maybe one day, I’ll understand the song he’s singing and my tune would match his. But, for now, I’ll stay lost in the aura his song emanates.


Emotional Security

Sometimes relationships get so messed up that they come to a deadlock. No communication works, until one steps down and stops agonizing the other person.

Image Why do we want a constant in our spouses feelings for us? Why are we so drunk on  the idea of love that we always want them to give us their whole attention? Maybe,  because we give them ours and because men, in this region of the world, can’t bear  a woman who has a life of her own. But, even loyal, devoted, dutiful wives like us  need a break at times. There are times when I’m not so obsessed with him, when so  much is happening around me that I forget about him for a moment, when I don’t  miss him for days, in fact, I hardly miss him at all. Then why do I have such great  expectations from him? I think, that it is in us to punish people for their honesty.    We can’t hear the truth and living in reality is definitely not what we want, at such a  young age. We’re drunk on the idea of love and love stories, love poems just mess  us up more. Ingraining this in our minds that falling in love is all about unicorns  and roses. What movies fail to tell us that sustaining love is what’s the real task  ahead. Sustaining love demands sacrifice, it gives you pain at times but it also gives  you a bunch of roses. It may not be as addicting as the love they show in movies,  but it’s a stronger kind of love, which grows and you grow with it. This man is not  perfect, but he makes you perfect by giving you that security that you always  craved for in a relationship. He may crib, act like a child, is careless and may lash  out at you when you tell him he’s wrong, but he also craves for your attention and  your love. And this is what’s worth all the sacrifice for.

I believe, when one becomes emotionally secure and stops fearing that the person they love might leave them, is when they set them free and start understanding why the other person can’t be obsessed by them at all times.