Today, I want to pour my heart here. My marriage has fallen apart and I don’t know how to make it work anymore.

I feel broken, hurt and exhausted. I feel like a complete failure who figured it out all wrong and went on like a crazy child. I gave my heart to my husband too much and too soon. He can’t keep me happy the way he’s going about right now. He can only hurt and break me. There wouldn’t have been a bride so unhappy and sad.

There was a time when I was happy. When we were happy but I don’t know what went wrong?

My mother told me, don’t spend yourself too much on people. She was right, I spent myself too much, thought him to be everything and then lost all. I want him, true. But, I want everything with respect. What more to give him that we’ll be happy again?

Do you remember love
Love from a tormented heart
Not fleeting, as with music at night
But an eternal love
Now tainted
Now tainted
Go now and reclaim it
Go now and love

Recall the times
when you were happy.
Recall the times
when you laughed.

Life is wonderful
Do you have faith in it?
Turn your face to life,
To eternal joy.

What happened to those days?
What happened to those nights?
Do you remember
How you turned to grief? Do you remember
How you turned to sorrow?
Is the blame mine or ours?

Our feelings grew faint
What caused our grief and fighting?
Can there be beauty in life?
If you seek it out.
Can there be happiness in life?
Let’s seek it.



Reclaim it.

People do not love you with all your faults. That kind of thing, only happens in the movies.

Never open up to someone, except your parents. They’ll respect you, love you, support you, keep your secrets and never throw them on your face.

But, never trust someone else with yourself. Save yourself.

Even if you have made the mistake of showing other people your weakness or have trusted them blindly with yourself, take it back. Shut every wall that leads to them knowing you or having any right over you. Never trust anyone with yourself.

Close and shut down.